What base do you need for a Resin Driveway in Preston?

This is a photo of a new resin bound driveway carried out in Preston. All works done by Preston Resin Driveways

What base do you need for a Resin Driveway in Preston?

Jun 22, 2023 | Blog

A resin driveway creates a beautiful, smooth finish which looks stunning and adds value to your property. There is nothing better than having a driveway that complements the exterior of your house. Preston Resin Driveways has been providing resin driveways, resin patios, paths, and other surfacing solutions for over a decade, making them one of the most trustworthy brands in Preston. This blog will discuss the base requirements for a resin driveway in Preston.


The base for a resin driveway is the foundation that helps to distribute the weight of your vehicle across the surface. The base preparation is vital when installing a resin bound driveway. The base should be designed to withstand heavy loads, providing a sturdy foundation. The type of base required depends on the ground’s condition, quality, and quantity of traffic it will have.


Three primary types of bases can be used for installing a resin driveway. First is the Asphalt base, usually used for driveways with heavy traffic. The second is the Concrete base, which is perfect for pedestrian areas. The third base is the Paving base which is suitable for low-traffic areas as it does not provide enough stability for heavy-duty traffic.


The preparation work that can be conducted varies from site to site; however, the result should always include the removal of any vegetation and top surface material. In some cases, excavation may be required because the base must be at least 150mm deep. After which, the layers should be constructed, with each layer given time to dry before laying the next. Proper drainage should also be accounted for to prevent waterlogging, as this can affect the surface of the resin bound driveway.


Once the base is complete, it must be flattened and a weed-suppressing membrane laid over it. Next, the chosen resin bound mixture is poured onto the ground. The mixture should have a consistent texture throughout the installation and maintain the correct mix proportions. Contact your local Preston resin driveway installer to install the resin mixture professionally and effectively.



 A resin driveway, path, or patio is a beautiful and long-lasting alternative that can add significant value to your home. The type of base required depends on the ground’s condition, quality, and quantity of traffic it will have once the resin bound mixture is laid. Preston Resin Driveways is a trustworthy driveway contractor in the area, and we recommend contacting them to install your driveway professionally. With their vast experience in this field, their professional team can guide, advise and help you choose the best resin-bound mix to suit your needs. Don’t worry about the cost of Resin Driveways. Preston Resin Driveways has the best prices in Preston and guarantee their work. Plus, their use of high-quality materials means that your driveway will last for years. So if you are looking for resin driveways near me, why hesitate? Call them today!


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