Nine Tips for Hiring a Resin Driveway Contractor in Preston

This is a photo of a Resin bound driveway carried out in Preston. All works done by Preston Resin Driveways

Nine Tips for Hiring a Resin Driveway Contractor in Preston

Jul 6, 2023 | Blog

Are you considering a resin driveway or resin patio? The benefits of resin-bound surfaces are numerous: durability, low maintenance, and a range of colours. However, hiring the right driveway contractor to install your resin surface can be daunting. Don’t get caught by the unskilled and inexperienced contractors out there. Our nine tips will help you hire the right driveway contractor in Preston for your new resin driveway or patio.


1. Check the company’s credentials: 

You can check the company’s information in Preston to see if they are certified to install your resin driveway or patio. It’s also crucial to check their previous projects or customers’ recommendations to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skill set.


2. Ask for references: 

Ask friends, relatives, or previous company customers about their satisfaction with completed projects. Be sure to check for any negative comments about the company before hiring them.


3. Is the company insured?: 

If a contractor is working on your property and doesn’t have proper insurance, it could lead to potential legal issues. When choosing a contractor, verifying the company’s insurance information should be on your mind.


4. Compare different quotes: 

You can receive multiple quotes to help you compare and choose the right contractor based on the best price and warranty. Remember that the cheapest quote may not necessarily be the best option.


5. Quality of materials: 

The cheaper option may not always be best for the materials used for your resin bound surfaces or patio. Ensure your contractor uses the best possible resin for proper adhesion and durability.


6. Contractual agreements: 

A contract is an essential document both parties should sign before the installation begins. This document will ensure that all terms and conditions are discussed and agreed upon. We recommend that a detailed contract is signed and not a verbal commitment. 


7. Timeline to complete the project: 

Most professional driveway contractors will agree to a reasonable timeline for your resin bound surfaces or patio project. Keep an eye out for unrealistic timelines, as it may indicate that the contractor may be overworked and may overlook some critical details during the installation project.


8. Insurance Public Liability policy: 

If there is any accidental damage to your home that the contractor has caused, did they have a liability insurance policy? This will ensure that all damages will be covered, and the contractor will take the necessary steps to correct accidents that might occur during the project.


9. Clear communication: 

Clear communication is paramount in any project, and your preference and expectations must be voiced to the contractor beforehand. Communication should remain open throughout the project to ensure the installation meets all your requirements.




Following our nine tips, you should be well on your way to finding the right driveway contractor for your resin surfaces or patio project. So if you are looking for a ‘resin driveways near me’, look no further than Preston Resin Driveways. Our team has been certified and licensed in the Preston area for many years with expertise with driveway solutions, including resin patios, paths, and driveways. We hope you find our helpful advice, and we will have a chance to work with you on your next resin driveway or patio project.


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